Auto Professionals

Carmedic®'s Founder, Dan Binkley, served many years in the auto industry. Dan's experience gained him understanding of what customers are looking for when dealing with a dent removal company. In 1992, Dan set out to create a team that would meet and exceed the standards of any discerning customer. Since then, The Carmedic® has added partners around the country, teaching our superior techniques and professionalism. Because of The Carmedic's® focus on customer satisfaction, it now services thousands of customers nationwide and continues to grow every year.

Every Carmedic® partner works to establish long term relationships with their customers. We constantly strive to better ourselves for our customer's benefit.

Since our top customers are auto dealerships and trade professionals, The Carmedic® has developed programs to offer excellent value to the dealer and their customers.

Contact your local Carmedic® representative about participating in our programs.

New Car Coupons

To help our dealers provide better customer service, Carmedic® offers New Car Coupons at no cost to the customer or dealer. This program allows dealers to give their new car customers a $100 gift coupon to apply towards a Carmedic® Paintless Dent Repair. The customer can use the coupon to fix any PDR repairable dent on their new vehicle within 90 days of purchase.

Partners in Service

Every day thousands of people take their vehicles into dealerships for service. Most of these customers have never heard of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). If they find out your dealership can fix small dents and dings in your service department with no painting, many would choose this option. Most service drive managers already require the service writers to do a walk around on all incoming vehicles for prior damage. Offering PDR service is a natural extension of the goal to satisfy your customer. With just a little training you will be able to provide our PDR service to your customers.

Certified New Cars

After the purchase of a new vehicle most of us are concerned about the shopping cart at the local shopping center or the doors of a neighboring car. The Carmedic® will help your customers rest easy by not only certifying their new vehicle to be dent free at the time of purchase, but also by offering to repair one future door ding free of charge within 90 days of purchase.

Certified Used Cars

Many manufactures have a certified used vehicle program certifying their vehicles to be defect free. The Carmedic® offers an extension to this program wherein the vehicles are certified to be dent free for as long as the vehicle is on the lot. The Carmedic® then takes this a step further by extending this to your customers and offering to repair a single door ding at no cost during the 90 day period following the vehicle's sale.