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We are a nationwide company made of partners who are shared owners, not employees.

At Carmedic® we have a history of constant growth and opportunity. In fact, since 1992 we have grown each and every year. This is because we make it a priority to find motivated partners, to provide the best training in the industry, and to work together as a team. Each new partner gets the kind of training and mentoring experience needed for success. We have the proven roadmap for personal achievement.

Starting a new business in any area is very difficult, and most small businesses fail within the first 5 years. It takes a substantial financial and personal commitment to start a business.

"We found that starting and running your own business can be very expensive, lonely and require more knowledge than most people have without an MBA. So we have developed a team to support you in an opportunity that is dedicated to success, quality, affordability and partnership." Dan Binkley

After over two decades, we at The Carmedic® have the proven formula for success. After two months of training in St. Louis, the "Rookie" partner will train with an experienced partner for up to twelve months, depending on how quickly the new partner progresses. The new "Rookie" has a "Carmedic® Lead Partner" (CLP) as a coach and mentor for the entire career as a Carmedic® partner. This CLP will teach advanced techniques most PDR technicians never learn.

Because of our excellent service, The Carmedic® is one of the largest and most respected paintless dent removal companies in the country. Our primary market includes new and used car dealerships, and body shops. The research indicates there are over 500,000 such businesses in America.

Future customer opportunities include insurance companies, retail locations and auto auctions, which could more than double our paintless dent removal opportunities. The Carmedic® is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our partners and customers based on trust, commitment to excellence and the genuine regard for relationships.

Join The Carmedic®

If you seek freedom, independence and the opportunity to grow your own business, consider becoming a Carmedic® partner. You will learn a craft that gives you personal satisfaction and will always be in high demand in the auto industry. We are always looking for energetic and hard working folks to join our team.


The Carmedic® offers a comprehensive training program and ongoing support to help our partners grow their paintless dent removal business. The Carmedic® has the most intense dent removal and business training in the industry. This separates us from the competition and gives you a clear advantage!

Ongoing Support

After your initial comprehensive training, The Carmedic®'s support network will be there to help you learn and grow. You will not be left on your own. Our partner network is always there to offer you advice and to help enhance your skills. The Carmedic® also offers advanced technical training to help ensure you are successful in your new PDR business.

Customer Billing

Billing can be challenging for a small business. The Carmedic® provides all of our partners a central billing office so there are no late-night paperwork or headaches. That leaves more time for you to grow your business, provide better customer service and earn more income!

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