About Carmedic®

The Carmedic® corporate headquarters and training center is centrally located in Roxana, Illinois, twenty minutes from downtown St. Louis.

Our focus is steady expansion and partnership growth. The goal of The Carmedic® is to be the premiere provider of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in the United States by building long-term relationships with customers through innovation, training and superior service.

The Carmedic® develops partnership growth by carefully selecting and rigorously training competent individuals throughout the country. Our company is comprised of approximately 120 different partnerships operating in nearly 30 states. Each one is committed to the same goals and standards outlined in our Mission Statement:

We want to set the standard of quality and professionalism in paintless dent repair. This will be done promptly and consistently; with courtesy, enthusiasm and integrity.

Experience. Quality. Reliability!

Structuring The Carmedic®'s business around our partnerships has had a significant and positive impact on the overall success of our company. Each partnership stands on its own but is strengthened by the existence, experience and support of the company and other partners. Our central office provides each partnership with extensive training, exclusive Carmedic® PDR system tools, processes and business support.

Dan Binkley


When Carmedic® started out in 1992, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) had just launched into the auto industry. Very few knew how beneficial PDR was to the customer. The value of the process was in its mobile ability, its convenience and its customer service potential. We made the decision from day one to do three things; be the most innovative, provide customers with better service and care than our competitors and build a company through partnership.

I am proud to say, that all these years later we have fulfilled that vision and more! The Carmedic® is blessed to have great customers and incredibly talented partners across the country. We believe the formula for success is simple; to be committed, work hard and to focus on both professional and personal growth.

A Team You Can Trust!