Our PDR System

The Carmedic® Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) system removes minor dents, dings and hail damage on automobiles using highly specialized tools and superior craftsmanship. Our Carmedic® PDR system removes dents without damaging the paint or factory finish. After a visit from The Carmedic®, the dent is gone!

The Carmedic® PDR system saves time, money and it's environmentally safe.

The proprietary tools and processes we have developed enable The Carmedic® to remove larger dents and creases. In addition to the large dents, The Carmedic® is able to quickly and efficiently remove dents and hail damage in much less time than the 2-4 day repair at a conventional body shop. Some repairs may require additional time according to the severity of the damage, but are still usually done same-day. Also, there is no need to drop your car off or wait at our shop; you and our technician will arrange a time and place to meet to complete the repair!

The Carmedic® PDR system is also much less expensive than a conventional body shop repair because there is no sanding, filling or painting. Because of that, matching the paint color of your car is never an issue. Additionally, all our work is environmentally safe because we do not use any harmful automotive paints and solvents, guaranteed!

Hail Repair

Whether it is a single car damaged in your drive way or an inventory of vehicles, hail damage can seem overwhelming.

The Carmedic® has extensive experience working with both the individual with just a few hail dimples to mega dealerships with thousands of vehicles. Since its inception, The Carmedic® has repaired millions of dollars worth of hail damaged vehicles. Additionally, we have worked with insurance companies across the nation to help take care of their customers. With competitive prices and guaranteed results, The Carmedic® team can respond quickly to repair your hail damaged vehicle or fleet.

If you manage an automobile dealership, rental car fleet or if you are just an unlucky car owner with hail damage, The Carmedic® will quickly and safely repair your damaged vehicles. Satisfaction Guaranteed!